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Cuvée Justine 2010

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We'd be surprised if you've ever had a wine like Cuvée Justine 2010. This is an oxidative style wine, meaning Louis-Jean (the winemaker) has deliberately left the wine in contact with oxygen during the 24 months it spent in old oak by not topping up the barrel as evaporation naturally occurred. How does it taste? Very very good in our opinion. This is a more intellectual wine, dare we say, in the sense that it doesn't only tick all the expected boxes for a white wine but brings new ones to the party. It is dry and refreshing with citrusy flavours but also deeper and earthy with bruised apple, camomile and fresh almond notes. Unique, fascinating, meditative.

France | Loire | White | Dry | Chenin blanc | Biodynamic | 13.5% | 75 cl