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who we are

winecraft is a London-based company which sources, imports and sells organic and biodynamic wines in the UK. What you’ll find here are truly excellent wines, beautifully and honestly crafted by small producers. We handpick and import all of them ourselves. No shopping at a wholesaler here. We know our producers, who they are and how they work. 

Our wines are organic or biodynamic. In effect, this means no synthetic fungicides, no pesticides, no herbicides in the vineyards; no technological manipulations and no additives in the wines. Three essential reasons for that: it’s better for the planet, it’s better for you, it’s better for the wine.

Eco-warriors we are not. Lovers of good wine we are. winecraft is not going to save the planet. It’s up to the kind of winemakers we work with to lead the way. More modestly, we source and sell wines that are good value for money. Not industrial, interchangeable, standardised wines which taste like what a marketing plan decided they must; but wines with integrity, true to the place they come from. Cheers to that!