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You'd be forgiven to think we're somewhat biased in our enthusiasm for our producers and their wines. The truth is: we're not! The proof is in... the glass. Check out what journalists and critics say about our wines.


Coup de Fougue 2015 - Florent Cosme

''Wow, such pure apple fruit! This echoes great Fino sherry in a way - or perhaps champagne. What a nose! Fantastic pithy mouthfeel. Phenolic, leesy, solid. Full on flavour, though it is fruit-dominant in its youth. (RH)''

Richard Hemming MW - 17/20


Cuvée Colette 2014 - Château de la Roche en Loire

''Honey, apple juice, blossom and an orange peel sort of character that hints at skin contact, or perhaps oxidative handling. This is a minimal-intervention style, but doesn't have the (off putting to me) natural wine funk to it. Dry to finish, but otherwise reflects the typical Loire Chenin style very well. (RH)''

Richard Hemming MW - 17/20


Privilège 2010 - Domaine Sauvète

''Intriguing cedar and pencil lead character with loads of dense black fruit. Still packing a punch at six years old - quite remarkable! Lovely meaty edge. Serious, savoury, refined. Superb liquorice and aniseed finish. (RH)''

Richard Hemming MW - 17/20


Solaris 2014 - Domaine Sauvète

''Peppery, rubbery and full of snap and bounce. Loads of red fruit on the nose. Youthful, ripe and seductive - has a purity to the aroma that really reverberates. This really should be served slightly cool to emphasise its aromatic range. There is lovely raw energy here. (RH)''

Richard Hemming MW - 17/20


Clandestinus 2014 - Imanol Garay

''A strange beast! 'Vin d'Espagne' written on the label. Bottled in Cibourne, France, made from Spanish Garnacha.
The nose has a wild black fruit about it - pure, meaty and sanguineous. Vivid and sharp on the palate, plenty of acidity for a Spanish red. Tastes like it might be Carignan or some such rustic variety - but there is great clarity and purity of flavour here. Really interesting. (RH)''

Richard Hemming MW - 17/20

Also, high praise from Richard Hemming MW in his blog.


Abiatu 2013 - Imanol Garay

''Leather and medicine on the nose; quite heady and powerful with a firm tannic bite. Very Madiran! Incredibly saturated colour too. True to type - restrained fruit, big and tannic. Keep for a few years to let those tannins relax? (RH)''

Richard Hemming MW - 16+/20


''Forest floor, bramble fruits, smooth and succulent on the palate. Very savoury indeed. Staunchly traditional fruit, although the structure is modern and sculpted. (RH)''

Richard Hemming MW - 16.5/20